Inflatable Packers

Geopro  supplies a complete range of inflatable packers in nine different diameters from 28 up to 170mm. All our packers made of BIMBAR rubber technology are reinforced with two layers of steel cables embedded into natural rubber.

Geopro Bimbar inflatable packers are frequently used for grout injection and other geotechnical applications for structural reinforcement and/or water sealing of deep foundations, tunnels, dams and mines. Thanks to their modular design, all packers offer reliable and easy operation. Inflatable elements can be replaced in the field and single packers are easily transformed into double packers.

Single and Double Packers 

 The basic components of the packers are:

  • The upper Fixed End FE  with one or two inflation ports
  • The center pipe CP made of stainless steel
  • The dilatable element S mounted with steel fittings on both sides
  • The sliding end SE with a scraper seal

Each single packer from Ø28mm to Ø102mm can easily be transformed into a double packer assembly by adding a specific element : the central element CE. Just unscrew and remove the sliding end from the single packer and replace it with the CE element. Complete the installation with a standard dilatable element S (sleeve) and a plug PL on the lower part of the packer.

The perforated CE central element from Ø56mm to Ø102mm consists of a compact and perforated tube, with a diameter identical to the whole packer assembly. This design makes the double packer ZI extremely robust and the external flush O.D. is particularly well adapted for micropiles grouting.





Working Pressure in relation with Borehole Diameter

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