PGP35-5 Portable Grout Pump

Technical Data

  • Grout pressure 0-35 bar (0-500psi) *
  • Inlet air pressure 0-7 bar
  • Flow rate 0-45 l/min
  • Air cylinder diameter 160mm
  • Fluid cylinder diameter 70mm
  • Suitable fluids water, bentonite mud, cement...
  • Valves ball type
  • Dimensions 700 x 500 x 400mm
  • Pump skid assembly weight 38 kg
  • Air inlet connection ½’’ BSP
  • Fluid inlet connection ¾’’ BSP
  • Fluid outlet connection ¾’’ BSP
  • Air consumption 1,5 m³/min
  • Pumped volume per cycle 0,4 litre

VHP 100 Hand Pump

The VHP100 pump is particularly well adapted to the inflation of our packers or to any other application requiring a setting under water pressure.

The design of the pump VHP 100 allows the assembly of the option ‘’ feeding’’ which facilitates the filling of large volumes without actuating the pump and a fast pressurization.

Entirely made of plastic materials and aluminium, the VHP100 pump does not require any specific maintenance and it is not sensitive to the problem of corrosion which are usual on job sites.

Technical Data

  • Piston Ø : 10mm
  • Piston stroke : 325mm
  • Displacement : 25cm³
  • Maximum Pressure : 100bar
  • Weight : 9.5Kg
  • Tank volume : 6 ℓ
  • Pressurized fluid : water
  • Pressure gauge : 0-100bar
  • Outlet thread : ¼’’BSP

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P160 PUMP for packers inflation with waters

Geopro supplies a large range of air driven pumps. Six pump ratios are available from ratio 10 for output pressure of 70 bar/1025psi up to ratio 115 for a maximum output pressure of 800 bar/11400psi. The output pressure is related to the pump ratio multiplied by the air inlet pressure. Our pump ratio 10 is specially well adapted to the inflation of our inflatable packers. Other ratios with working pressure up to 3650 bar/52200psi are available on request. In order to give the best support and service to our customers, these pumps are supplied bare or fully equipped, mounted or not on skids as per your requirements.They are also available in single or double acting configuration.
Numerous other applications of these pumps include hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes or sewers, feeding of hydraulic systems, water infusion into coal seams…
Set of spare seals and parts are available as well as kits to change the ration of the pump.

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