Water Wells


Mineral water well belonging to an International Group.

 South West of France

  • Supply of a 143 mm OD single packer, all 316 stainless steel , equipped with a 2” center pipe (OD = 60,3 mm), food grade certified rubber, rubber length = 500 mm.
  • Complete riserless assembly with cable sealing stuffing boxes, inflation adapters and connections for the submersible pumps.




  • Net of groundwater circulation wells of 50 meter depth, 264 mm ID casing for in-situ soil rehabilitation ( Pharmaceutical company)
  • Geological formations : sand and clay
  • Application: pumping with a submersible pump in a zone isolated by a 220 mm OD Geopro single packer. The outer cover of the packer is made of viton and all metal parts are completely stainless steel made.


Abu Dhabi

  •  Rotary drilling in 8 1/2’’ reamed to 12 1⁄4’’ for deep aquifer exploration, 4000 feet deep

  • Sedimentary formation with several artesians aquifers.
  • Application: sampling different aquifers using a ZI type Geopro double
    packer(OD = 170 mm) under mud column . Water sampled by reducing the mud column weight
    Results : location of a drinkable water aquifer verifi ed at 810 m deep.




  •  150 m of 12 1/4” (311mm) borehole for drinkable water supply

  • Karstic formation
  • Pumping water with a submersible pump from a zone isolated by a Geopro inflatable packer.
    Results : Elimination of turbity and drastic reduction of the nitrate percentage making the water drinkable.


  •  12 1/4’’ boreholes in a lithium mine

  • Selective pumping of water from different boreholes using a double packer
    Supply of a complete 170 mm double packer to fi t the submersible pump.

Poland – Krakow Area

  •  Thermal water production saturated with H2S

  • Supply and installation of a casing annulus packer, all stainless steel, OD =210 mm to be mounted on a PVC riser pipe (OD = 165 mm). Rubber length = 1 meter.
  • The annulus between the PVC pipe and the center pipe of the packer is sealed using injection of epoxy resin.
  • For this permanent installation, the packer is equipped with a non return valve and it is inflated with water.


Spain – Palma de Mallorca

  •  water sampling with a MP 1 pump in a 3’’ piezometer.
  • Supply of a MP 1 pump assemblied to a 56 mm OD single packer .
  • Thanks to the infl atable packer, the sampling zone is isolated. The time for testing is reduced and the water sample is representative .
  • This single packer assembly can be easily transformed into a double packer confi guration if a specific zone must be tested.


Site reports - Examples of repair and cementation jobs

 France - Area of Bordeaux

  • Thermal well with casing of 9 5/8” corroded to a depth of 350m.
  • Rehabilitation of the well by relining the old 9 5/8” casing with a new stainless steel casing of 7 5/8 ‘’ (193,7 X 181mm) and cemented full length to surface.
  • Method: achievement of the suspended cementation with casing annulus packer of 203 mm OD, cementation valve and inflation/cementation tool (photo)
  • Supply of the casing annulus packer, the cementation valve, the tool for inflation/cementation and technical assistance. Installation of the tool and cementation successfully achieved in less than two hours.


 France - Area of Bordeaux

  • Old water supply well, 260 meters depth; 9 5/8” casing up to 203 meters and open hole down to 260 meters; screen and 9 5/8 casing very damaged by corrosion.
  • Rehabilitation of the well by relining the old 9 5/8” casing with a new stainless steel casing sealed at the bottom (206mm diameter) and cemented full length to surface (200 mm diameter).
    Installation of a new screen.
  • Achievement with the “Swage Packer” method of the setting of the 206mm diameter stainless steel casing between 188 meters and 202 meters.
  • Supply of cementation valves and installation of a double packer for the cementation job.


 East of France

  • Old water well for industrial use (cement factory), 9 5/8” (245mm) casing very corroded up to 160 meters depth; 400 mm open hole below the casing.
  • Rehabilitation of the well with a new stainless steel 6 5/8” liner combined with a cementation system.
  • Supply of a casing annulus packer with high expansion capability (400 mm) with a cementing valve. Supply also included a double inflatable packer for cement injection.

 France - Area of Bordeaux

  • Repair campaign on two old water wells, 13 3/8” casing, 57 meters and 72 meters deep both equipped with electric submersible pumps.
  • Rehabilitation of the complete well by relining the old casing with the “Swage Packer” repair method.
  • Swaging of a new stainless steel 10” casing. The 315 mm ID diameter after completion of the swaging operation allows reinstallation of the same 10” pump.